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Is you intimate relationship all you want it to be?

Is your intimate relationship all you want it to be?

Do you cherish your partner and know that you are loved deeply?

Are you enjoying yourself?

I care deeply about my own intimate relationship and I care about others in their relationships, because I know first-hand the difference it makes to my life when my intimate relationship is singing with aliveness, freshness, challenge, delight, passion and a sense of deep connectedness.

It has taken me years to get to a place of clarity and aliveness in my own intimate relationship and one of the keys to this has been a willingness to learn to be more compassionate in my communication with my partner.

In truth, what really happened for me was that, I first learned to be compassionate to my own pain, the long suppressed emotional stuff, by changing my relationship with it and making friends with it. As I opened that up AND learned some specific communication skills, (that I’ll be teaching in an upcoming intensive course) everything began to shift in how I was relating.

I became more empowered in my speaking, more confident as a person, more skilled at listening and reflecting in ways that fostered intimacy, and in maintaining connection with my partner in difficult moments.

More than that, it opened a door into a fuller expression of my own embodied masculinity. I’ve begun to completely relax around my sensuality and sexuality. What previously was a source of stress and anxiety has become a delightful exploration of what is possible.

If you are not enjoying your intimate relationship, how you are in it, or how you relate to your partner, and you would like to do something about it, I invite you to join myself and Greg in East Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to support you in turning it around.

The program is called “Compassionate Communication for Men”.

To find out more about the program check out this page.

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