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Jungle River


Hakomi Psychotherapy is a process by which you can understand your human experience.


What does it help heal?


  • Emotional pain - that makes functioning in life challenging.

  • Trauma and abuse - that have caused you to limit yourself.

  • Limiting belief systems - that hold you back.

  • Anxiousness - find a way forward free of debilitation.


How will your session flow? Want a session? See below.


Hakomi is a Hopi Indian word meaning “How do you stand in relation to these many realms?”.


It takes into account the whole person, body, intellect, emotions and spirit, and focuses on the natural process of healing. Humans are self-organising systems designed to preserve and contribute to life, and Hakomi opens a portal to access this healing process.


We have an autonomic nervous system that operates beneath the level of thought and similarly, we have automatic and habitual attitudes within our bodies and minds that generate our experience.


Whatever “flies under our radar” (our core material) creates issues and difficulties with life and these can be gently brought to light, understood and changed.


Our core material arises from experiences of unmet needs around: safety and welcome, belonging, support, love and appreciation, freedom, choice, responsibility, openness and honesty, predictability for safety, sexuality and the prevailing social and cultural rules.

Hakomi has five core principles underpinning its philosophy


  • Non-violence: You are not forced or pushed to do anything and your needs and wishes are held in the deepest respect. All aspects and parts of you are accepted.

  • Mindfulness: Your attention is guided to be focused internally in the present moment.

  • Unity: The universe is a web of relationships in which all aspects and components are inseparable from the whole.

  • Organicity: You are self-organising with natural impulses toward growth and change.

  • Mind-Body Holism: Your mind, body and spirit are interacting sub-systems of one meta-system. You are seen as whole.


How will your session flow?


We begin by establishing a context of safety 


You’ll be invited into a space of mindful awareness, a gentle and sustained focus on what is present for you.


From there we study experience, sensation, feelings, beliefs and memories, and what underpins them.


We can do this by slowing things down, sometimes speeding them up, exaggerating the movement, or noticing the subtle changes in the body.


When you are able to change not just what you experience but how you experience it, a transformation happens. Change happens at the deepest level.


Click this link if you’d like to experience a Hakomi session.


Click here if you'd like to have a free 30-minute chat about whether Hakomi is right for you.

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