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Forest Path

Chi  for  Two

The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship

The desire to embody is a calling of your soul.

Not everyone is called to take a deep dive.

The invitation is to love yourself deeply.

The 7 Keys to Embodiment using Chi for Two®

I want to share with you this incredible approach to healing and personal growth that is a Polyvagal-informed Multi-generational Trauma Healing Method that has benefited and positively impacted my life.

Awareness of Power Dynamics

Chi for Two recognises the power dynamics within relationships. It acknowledges that some relationships naturally have built-in power differentials, like parent-child or coach-client dynamics, while others ideally thrive on power equality, such as those between siblings, romantic partners or friends. By becoming aware of these dynamics, you'll gain a greater level of clarity about your interactions and avoid unnecessary power struggles.

Healing the Trauma that binds us

Trauma is often defined as inhibited movement expressions in specific situations with certain people. Often the inhibition occurs due to multi-generational trauma. Chi for Two specializes in unlocking these inhibited movements through invitational practices I can guide you through. This is to support the body to come out of shutdown or the activation strategies of fight/flight. This process allows you to regain your natural movement expressions, mobilized through Play/Dance. As a result, your body and energy will align more with nature's rhythms and promote healing.

Improved Nervous System Functioning

Engaging in Chi for Two practices essentially provides you with an opportunity to re-parent your nervous system functioning. It's based on extensive scientific research into nervous system anatomy, trauma patterns, and the insights of renowned attachment theorists. These invitational practices invite the reawakening of infant "fighting" rhythms that are so often suppressed or punished by parents. By practising these with me, you'll discover a broader range of movement expressions and mobilized energy.

Enhanced Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships often trigger unresolved infant/parent dynamics. Chi for Two helps you recognize when these dynamics arise and guides you in addressing and resolving them. If you bring these infant needs to me, I can acknowledge and validate them and invite you to do symbolic redo’s that encourage personal growth and greater emotional maturity within your relationships.

Facilitation of Sustainable Social Systems

As you attain a naturally sustainable nervous system functioning, it has a ripple effect on the overall energy and interactions of the communities and people around you. This can contribute to healthier and more sustainable communities, which is not only beneficial for you but also for society as a whole.


Alignment with Human Existence's Next Epoch

Joseph Campbell the mythologist believed that humanity is currently transitioning into a unique fourth epoch characterized by distinct sexual connection dynamics. Chi for Two acknowledges and supports this transition by helping you address and resolve unfinished infant/parent dances, supporting you to fully embrace the changes we face on the planet.

Integration of Multidisciplinary Approaches

What makes Chi for Two truly remarkable is its integration of insights from various fields like attachment theory, trauma studies, infant development, and multi-generational trauma understanding. Dee Wagner (creator of Chi for Two) has created a holistic approach that draws from the Polyvagal Theory of Stephen Porges, and the wisdom of other influential authors and theorists, including Tronick, Hazan, Shaver, Ainsworth, Bainbridge Cohen, Kestenberg and Menakem, making it incredibly comprehensive and effective.

For the articulation of this message by Dee Wagner herself, click here.

In essence, Chi for Two offers you a path to greater self-awareness, healing, and personal growth. It's a journey that brings profound benefits to your relationships, your well-being, and your connection with the world around you.

I encourage you to click here to book a free 30-minute call to discover how it can catalyse positive transformation in your life. If you can't find a time that works send me a text on +61 412988844.

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