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Alistair McKinnon

Alistair McKinnon
Somatic Therapist for Individuals and Couples,
Communication & Embodiment 
Trainer and Coach

Hi! My name is Alistair McKinnon,


I offer therapy for couples and individuals and coaching in communication skills and embodiment.


One of the benefits of being of mature age is the gift that time has offered me to identify and do the work that I love. 


After an early career as an accountant, and now more than thirty years ago, I began to explore my heart and the love that I found inside it. Before long, a career change was in process. 


I have received training in and learned how to communicate from the heart (with NVC), how to be in the body with uncomfortable feelings (with Focusing) and, how to be a therapist for couples (with EFCT) and individuals (with Hakomi).


If you’d like more insight into my life story, click here.

I list my training and qualifications here.


I love to sit in presence with clients, to hold space for the unfolding of a supportive, deeper awareness of your situation and together find a way forward.


Click here to make time for a free 30-minute chat.

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