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3 factors that cause us to disembody and 4 strategies to re-embody

Early Life Bonding

Humans possess a life force, a vital energy known as prana, which connects them to the world. During infancy, this energy field is boundless, as babies initially perceive themselves as interconnected with their mothers, lacking cognitive separation.

Trauma and Disembodiment

However, as infants sense parental stress or shutdown, they absorb their caregivers' energy states, realizing their own separateness. Often, this leads to trauma and subsequent disembodiment, where the life force splits from the body, either dissociating or freezing in a state of high alert.


Cultural Factors

Our Western society fosters disembodiment through misguided assumptions about child-rearing, such as the belief that "crying it out" or isolating children is beneficial. These practices contribute to Complex PTSD and disembodiment, as children disown their bodies to escape the pain of disconnection.

Disembodiment occurs unconsciously, driven by the avoidance of painful life experiences. Neglect in childhood, even with the good intentions of parents, can lead to denial of Complex PTSD.


Why Embrace Embodiment?

Being more embodied enriches life, nurturing deeper and more meaningful relationships and opening the possibility of living into your innate potential.


How to Achieve Embodiment

Present-Moment Awareness

Recognize the universal life force within, using meditation and yoga to realize your connection by awakening to the freedom of universal consciousness.

Inner Experience Acknowledgment

Foster a friendly relationship with your inner experience, counteracting disembodiment's tendency to push them away. Utilize the Focusing technique for this purpose.

Nervous System healing through movement and breath.

Cultivate self-awareness and self-regulation by healing your nervous system. Acknowledge the significance of early relational experiences in shaping adult relationships. Explore the Chi for Two® program, which employs mindful awareness and movement to recreate and repair the infant and childhood relational dances, essentially re-parenting the unmet needs of your younger self.

Get to know your Parts

Bringing curiosity to parts of us that can often be in a polarised conflict, a willingness to listen and get to know these parts can unlock the energy that can get stuck in the body. As we acknowledge these parts the stuck energy can be freed up and create more space for Self to inhabit the body. Check out the Internal Family Systems page.

If you'd like to have a free 30-minute chat about embodiment, please click here.

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