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Helping You Move Forward

The latest neuroscience informs us that a great deal of healing can take place when someone is given a safe space to share their experience. But emotional safety is not easy to find in our culture. There is so much emphasis on getting it right, on performance, and on results whether its to do with work or relationships or family. The relentlessness of this pressure can be taxing and overwhelming.


I receive consistent feedback from people saying they feel safe and held during their sessions with me, whether it was in-person, via phone, or on Zoom.

Why You Need Support

You’ve tried training programs, reading and watching information online and it’s not been helpful.

You’re feeling stuck or trapped in a life situation, unable to move forward with your life with ease.

You want a sense of inner peace and calm to inform how you move in life.

You have experienced trauma of some kind and feel that one on one safety will support your healing.

A Session Offers You

Safe, non-judgmental empathic support.

Proven processes with clear steps.

An opportunity to transform personal and relationship patterns.

What processes will you experience?

Hakomi - a somatic (body-based) mindfulness approach for your Self-discovery

Internal Family Systems - an approach that makes peace with your Parts including the Critic.

Chi for Two - a Polyvagal-informed Multi-generational Trauma Healing Method.

Focusing - a body-based psychotheraputic approach to unlock the wisdom of the body.

We will discuss together, the approach that best suits your needs.

First Step

The first step is book a free, 30-minute conversation to discuss your situation by clicking here.  Or if you'd like to save time and book a first session click here. Alternatively, leave your details here:




Sessions are via Zoom, phone or in-person. I am based in the Byron Bay area. 


Discussing your situation with someone who is skilled and trained to offer support can go a long way toward resolving a situation.

Now is a good time to make contact.

Individuals Sessions


Relationship to Self and Others

Receive personal support with life issues that are preventing you from enjoying your relationships, work and life. Learn to deal with trauma and find inner peace.


Zoom and In-person sessions are 60 minutes.

Intimate Couple in Communication
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