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What you can expect - the inside job on relationships

Relationships have always intrigued me. In my early adult life I didn’t have much of an idea about relationships. Seemed like a mystery to me.

Since then I have been on a steep learning curve from the inside out. I started by exploring my inner world until I discovered the sense of something that felt pretty good but which still left me scratching my head with my intimate relationship that seemed to have more conflict than I thought it should have.

So I explored a powerful model of communication that pointed me back surprisingly to the inside work that was not yet complete.

Now I’m excited to be writing this blog – to share a little of my journey with relationship and communication and how it’s possible to create an AMAZING relationship. And I’m sharing it because I’m devoting my life to supporting the creation of loving connections in the couples that come to see me.

My plan is to write about the nuances and subtleties of intimate relationship. I’m convinced that if we can just bring some awareness to the challenges we face, the “problems” and “struggles” of relationship will just fade away.

I want to write for anyone who is perhaps struggling with their intimate relationship. Perhaps they know they love their partner but get frustrated and resentful that it’s not the relationship they once hoped it would be.

I’ll be writing about how to foster connection, how to deepen intimacy, how to build trust, how to make sexuality work for you rather than against you, how to approach difficult conversations, how to make amends for errors of judgment, how to apologize in a way that fosters connection, how to deal with on-going conflict that is threatening the relationship, how to deal with acts of violence and lots more. I’m intending to respond to questions and if you want me to write about an aspect of relationship to solve a problem, I’ll do that too.

I’m hoping that this blog will contribute to the fostering of a peaceful planet – one intimate relationship at a time. Peaceful relationships contribute to peaceful children. Peaceful children create hope for a sustainable planet.

I have created a 'Loving Together' workshop to support my work with couples. You may like to explore this here.

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