Building a deeper connection in intimate relationships

Loving Together Workshop

A One Day Intensive for Couples

Location   Melbourne or Byron Bay 

Dates    Satudays or Sundays

Duration     6 hours

Cost    $650

Size     You and your partner


Who is this workshop for?

If you know you love each other but your intimate relationship is struggling, I offer a six-hour Intensive on either a Saturday or a Sunday, where together we dive into the heart of how you can create a more successful and intimate connection together.


It will include discussion and practical exercises, and of course is totally focused on one-on-one care and support.


Benefits of Loving Together

I will share many of the lessons I have learned about relationships, distilled from many years of research and inquiry, combined with practical experience in intimate relationship. I personally enjoy what I describe as a successful intimate relationship. Challenging at times, yes, but each time we have a challenge we grow together and deepen our connection.


If you find your challenges are not bringing you together, this is the space for you.


Workshop Details

Following the 6-hour Intensive Workshop, you will receive a free online session to check in with how you are going implementing what you've learned. I want this program to be very valuable for you. 


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If you are unable to commit to a full day intensive, you can alternatively book 5 x 1 hour couples online sessions (held via Skype or phone) for the same cost. Details below.​​​​​​

Happy Couple in Nature


Loving Together

~ A 6 hour intensive program ~

This program is ideal for couples who know they love each other but feel stuck in a rut, are perhaps time-poor and who recognise that some external support will help.

Happy Couple from Counselling


Couples 5 x 1 hour Sessions

Sometimes family or work commitments make it difficult

to commit to a full day and that's where the beauty of modern technology makes it easy for us to connect via phone or Skype. 

We share 5 x 1 hour sessions, tailored to your needs 

at a time and pace that suits you.

My wife and I were at a critical point, unable to communicate together to come to any resolution. I found Alistair & we connected, and within a few sessions there was a big shift in our relationship. We began to listen better, communicate better and understand each other. I am very grateful for Alistair's guidance, the processes and exercises he recommended worked a treat. As a couple we continue to embrace these exercises and processes to continue to deepen our connection & understanding. 

There is no doubt, Alistair was a pivotal part in our continued happiness as a couple. Thank you.

Sunil - Business Owner