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Who are you in intimate relationship with?

Are you aware that there is more than just you and your partner in relationship?

I did a little stocktaking and I can only conclude that most people are polyamorous without realizing it

First there is who you really are…

Then there is who you think you are…

Then there is who your partner really is…

Then there is who you think your partner really is…

Then there is your partner doing the same to you…

Then there is the you that you are imagining your partner is thinking you are…

Get the drift?

Is it any wonder relationships are tricky?

Who are you being at any given point in time?

Who are you in love with?

If two of you have done the same thing… living with a mental construct of who your partner is ( an image, a hope, a dream, an expectation ) then you are living with what can only be described ultimately, as a fiction.

Is it any wonder there is so much conflict in intimate relationship? In this scenario, there is no true relationship. Paraphrased from Eckhart Tolle a “New Earth”.

Are you in love with the potential in your partner? Are you telling yourself that one day they will change and be all that you want them to be? Is this who you really are?

Are you polyamorous?

If you'd like to discuss this further to gain clarity, I'd love to hear from you here.

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