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Compassionate Communication for Men

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The Compassionate Man Project

This program is offered as a two-day, weekend attendance in Byron Bay or Melbourne, followed by a weekly, 2 hour evening group call for five weeks.  Please contact me for details on the upcoming dates.

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via Skype or phone

Sometimes family or work commitments make it difficult to get to a workshop, or you don’t live nearby. That's where the beauty of modern technology makes it easy for us to connect, and find a time that suits you.

The Compassionate Man Project

Location    Byron Bay or Melbourne, Australia

Dates    Contact here to request upcoming dates

Duration     2-day intensive weekend trainings, plus 5 online group calls

Cost    See Pricing below

Size     Small group, limited to 12 men

Who is this workshop for?

  • Do you find yourself angry, irritable or depressed, and don’t know where to go with it?

  • Would you like more intimacy in your relationship but keep getting knocked back?

  • Do you sometimes feel that others and/or the world is against you?

  • Do you find that creating a real and loving connection with your partner and/ or children can at times seem impossible, frustrating and overwhelming?

  • Do you find that despite your best intentions to communicate, patterns of the past keep repeating themselves?

  • Do you sometimes get afraid of your emotionality? A sense that you could easily be violent? A fear of feeling ashamed?

  • Does your partner sometimes tell you your communication sucks?

  • Do you want to be the best husband, father, partner, man you can be?

Male conditioning often sets up patterns of relating that disconnect without us even realising it. I know this from my own experience and I want to share with men that there is another way; a way to create a deeper level of connection with people that are close to you.


Benefits of Compassionate Communication

This workshop offers you a simple framework for transforming your relationships. It supports you to both express yourself more fully and listen in a way that fosters connection with those you love. 

During the workshop, you will hang out together with other men and have the opportunity to share and the challenges you are having around communicating, in a context that is safe and supportive. You'll be free to express whatever is alive for you and know that you'll be heard and not judged.

This workshop provides a safe, creative structure for learning - to be together as men, to laugh, to learn and celebrate our shared masculinity.


Workshop Details

  • Two days of intense training and practice in the core skills, over a weekend, at a venue in Melbourne.

  • Five weekly, online meetings (on Zoom) on Monday evenings. Online meetings will be held from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. (clear instructions on Zoom will be provided to make it easy)

  • Optional extra: Continue with Stage 2 of the program. Go deeper and open up issues in your life – for example, sexuality, maintaining your self-connection in the face of criticism or anger, how to make amends when you've stuffed up, how to deal with your own inner critic, how to create healthy boundaries, and much more.


The workshop extension will most likely include a fortnightly, online meeting and a regular, monthly or bi-monthly meeting in-person to explore these topics in depth. More information will be supplied about this extension to guys completing the foundation workshop.

Registrations for the workshop will close four days before the event. 


If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to call Alistair, on (+61) 0412 988 844.

To read a full explanation of why I created this project for men, click here.



Early Bird 

Individual registration: $480

Registration with a friend: $200 each


Full Price

Individual registration: $580

Registration with a friend: $250 each

A huge debt of gratitude for the insights I gained into a whole new level of creating & sustaining

meaningful connections. I thought I had most of the pieces I needed for my life to work, heading

into the weekend with Alistair. I soon learnt that I often fail to put them together all that well in

the realm of having deep connections with loved ones. It was humbling and delightful to learn to

reframe my communications in a manner that honours my needs while fully acknowledging the

needs of others. Thank you, Alistair, for the powerful distinctions you shared over two days.

Choosing to stay curious inside a breakdown in communication will remain with me

till the end of my days.

David Chia

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