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Register Interest for a Communications or Relationship Workshop / Training

Many people have benefited from the experience of attending one of these workshops or training:

  • Relating to Connect   NVC Foundation training

  • Focusing Training  to help release emotional patterns

  • Loving Together  for couples

  • Living NVC - advanced NVC training

  • NVC - 30 Videos (beginner level) (Coming Soon)

Whether you choose to attend one of these events in Byron Bay or Melbourne, or online, I can help you improve your communication skills and intimate relationships.


Please feel free to ask questions.

If you prefer me to phone you, please include your home or mobile number on the contact form. 


I endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.


Alistair McKinnon

Byron Bay area and Australia wide via Zoom

M - +61 412 988 844

The information you provide when signing up for our email list is stored through

our email campaign manager Mail Chimp, in accordance to GDPR regulations.

Alistair McKinnon

I’m hoping our connection will contribute to the fostering of a peaceful planet – one relationship at a time. Authentically loving relationships with Self and others contribute to hope for a sustainable planet.

Alistair McKinnon

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