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Emotionally Focused Therapy

When I work with Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) I facilitate a gentle inquiry and hold a safe space, for you to build a secure bond and connection with your partner, that will support your relationship to flourish and enhance your well-being. 

EFCT has been extensively researched for over 25 years with outstanding outcomes. Follow-up of cases indicates positive changes are maintained after three months and after two years.

What does the EFCT process look like?


Therapy is usually short-term, structured over 8 to 20 sessions. The duration will depend on how escalated the conflict is and in your capacities to open to the repair and healing process.

We clarify how you and your partner disconnect from each other. Commonly, disconnection involves repetitive cycles of behaviour that might be well-intentioned (to meet important needs), but they lead to conflict and isolation rather than closeness and emotional safety. You and your partner may know the disconnecting pattern very well but feel helpless to do anything about it. 

In the process of therapy, you’ll be learning about how to share your emotional needs and fears in a way that does not trigger defensive reactivity in each other. You’ll uncover a new dance of connection, safety and security.

The process is non-blaming and can be deeply moving, satisfying and meaningful.

Each partner is honoured within an accepting and non-judgmental frame.

We shed light on and shift the patterns of interaction that erode attachment security and closeness.

The relational bond between you will grow through moments of supported, safe, vulnerable sharing with mutual risk and reassurance. Along the way, we will repair the hurts and damage that have limited your intimacy.

​I offer two pathways for couples wanting support


  • A series of appointments as referred to above, (see below for link to a free chat) and/or 

  • A Couples Intensive over 6 or 12 hours called Loving Together.

To book a time with me for a free 30 minute chat about your relationship simply click this link. 

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