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Alistair McKinnon
Somatic Therapist for Individuals and Couples,
Communication & Embodiment 
Trainer and Coach

I can still be surprised at the gifts that life brings in different forms. The following are two versions of the same play, called “Life”, running in parallel:


I was born to a highly-critical mother and a passive and supportive father. I was bullied at school; when I was 27, I experienced both the suicide death of my father and then the sudden death of my eldest brother in a car accident. After that year, I went through breakups of my marriage, addiction to spiritual experience, and failure in my professional life. I was periodically swamped with depression, collapse and loneliness. I was highly critical of myself and thought I was separate and different from others, that I was never enough...and that there must be something wrong with me. 


Contrastingly, I was born into a privileged middle-class family and lived in suburban Melbourne. I grew up playing football and cricket in the backyard with two older brothers and went on holiday to the beach every year. I was privileged to travel to, and live in England as a young boy, receive four years of private school education, and be university-qualified. I spent 25 years as a chartered accountant and started my own business. Through this time, I was in a ‘successful’ 27-year relationship and raised two beautiful children (now young adults, successfully navigating life and loving what they do). I lived in a Federation cottage in Canterbury in Melbourne and embarked on an intense and enriching spiritual journey for over 14 years. I later owned a small farm outside of Melbourne (with cows, goats, sheep, geese, chickens, a rabbit, a horse and a dog and cat) where the children could explore to their heart's content. When my marriage failed, I moved to Byron Bay to live and work and explore a conscious relationship.

It’s no wonder that over 30 years ago, I started trying to make sense of it all. There was much to appreciate and suffer from… and a sense of confusion when both were often here simultaneously. I embarked on an intensive spiritual inquiry to find the truth of the confusing state my mind was in. I learned to inquire and ask the more profound questions of life; “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” as I began to connect with something more solid inside.

With the wisdom that comes with age and many years of exploration of the truth, I can see that life has played its hand this way. It has been inviting me into a deeper connection to itself – seeing the beauty, love and blessing present in it all – in both the positive and the negative.

Over time I gained many answers, and there remained the challenge of living what was known.


In 2011, I began the trainings that would begin and complete the transition from a career as an accountant to that of a therapist, coach and trainer.

NVC contributed enormously to helping me make sense of how to live life. It transformed the way I lived and brought much enjoyment and connection with the important people in my life. I have been training others in this work since 2013.

Focusing has enabled me to find a new, friendlier relationship with my inner experience and developed my capacity to be with what feels uncomfortable. 

I committed to learn the art of being a therapist for couples and individuals which included doing the training I needed, learning to love myself more thoroughly, accept the past, dive deeper into my self-knowledge, see and acknowledge my shadow parts, and "grow up".

My passion is to help clients really enjoy their lives - to enrich their relationships and deepen their self-love.

If you want to know more about my qualifications click here.

If you resonate with my story please reach out. I'd love to talk with you. Free 30-minute chat link here.

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