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Transform your life by bringing a deeper level of

conscious awareness to your communication skills

There are two ways to learn NVC


  • Learn by doing, with the help of me as your coach. Your learning program can be bespoke, to suit your exact requirements, so you don’t need to sit through two days in a group training environment. As part of a tailored program, you can access my 30 short videos that walk you through the nuts and bolts. If you’d like to explore this idea, please contact me for a free 30-minute chat – see the link below. This suits some people better, or


  • Learn by attending a two-day group training. This can be a powerful way to learn, and the risk is that the learnings of the workshop can be forgotten in a month.

Relating to Connect / Compassionate Communication 
(an NVC Foundation Training)

Compassionate Communication and Nonviolent Communication

Foundation Trainings

  • Byron Bay and Gold Coast

  • Melbourne

  • Darwin

  • Perth 

  • Australia wide by invitation


Contact here to request future dates.

Duration    2 full days 10.00 am – 5:30 pm  (usually over a weekend)

Cost   tba

Size    Small group 6 – 16 people   

Pre-requisites    None


This workshop is for you if

  • You are in an intimate relationship and want to create a more loving, enriching and easeful relationship.

  • You are a single person and want to develop skills for a future, successful intimate relationship.

  • You are a parent and want a closer connection to a child.

  • You are a part of an organisation or community where communication is important to you.


Benefits of Relating to Connect

  • Empowering self-connection through your body

  • The ability to deepen intimacy through your listening and reflecting

  • An honest and clear intimate relationship

  • Conflicts might arise but you’ll have a process for dissolving them

  • Greater level of ease and less stress in your life

  • A greater sense of being in charge of your life

  • The capacity to communicate directly from your heart


​This workshop offers a very exciting opportunity to learn something that is truly effective and will transform your relationships. I can say that with all honesty, as I have experienced it. The skills I learned in Relating to Connect have softened my hard edges, taught me how to truly connect with others, how to see the other's point of view, how to deal with day-to-day communication challenges in my relationships at a very practical level, and supported me to stand in my leadership in important moments.


Come and join me (and my co-facilitators when the opportunity arises)!

Living NVC - Exploring Compassionate Consciousness

Advanced Trainings

  • Melbourne 

  • Byron Bay

  • Perth 

    (Contact here to request future dates)

Duration    1 day day 10:00am – 5:00pm  (usually a Saturday)


Duration    2 day day 10:00am – 5:00pm  (Saturday and Sunday)

Cost   tba

Size    Small group 6 – 16 people   

Pre-requisites    Completion of a NVC or Compassionate Communication Foundation Training

This workshop is for you if

  • You have noticed the difference applying NVC makes to your relationships and life, and yet, you sense it has potential to create a deeper more spiritual enjoyment and connection with others in your communications.

  • You wish to learn 'how' to bring Presence to support connection

  • You want to create connection with self and others at a more fulfilling level.


Benefits of the Living NVC program

  • A deeper awareness of the inherent power of the NVC four step model

  • Learn how to use NVC to deepen your self connection and own experience of Presence

  • How your practice of NVC can be more embodied

  • A greater understanding of Self in relation to others

  • Deepening of empathy and compassion with self and others


​This training has been developed specifically to assist those interested in deepening their experience of an embodied Presence, and in that, being able to communicate with a deeper level of empathy and compassion.


Come and join me and my fellow trainers (as I often co-facilitate these workshops)!

Details on how to register for a workshop are below.

Haven't experienced NVC before? Why not schedule a session to gauge the power and impact Nonviolent Communication can have with yourself and your life. Details below.

My experiences with Alistair, and the teachings of Non Violent Communication (NVC), have been the

answer to my search for self love, contentment and happiness. I found Alistair’s wisdom and ability to guide

and coach, empowering. I felt supported and safe at all times. With Alistair’s expert use of NVC and

his other intuitive gifts, I ventured into my experience of self enquiry. Discovering and unraveling,

(sometimes many layers), the thought patterns and beliefs I held as true, that were blocking my joy in life.

 I highly recommend embracing and immersing yourself in the teachings of NVC.

Joanne - Nurse and Mother

Garden setting


Relating to Connect - Foundation  

Living NVC - Advanced

Offered in Byron Bay, Melbourne and Australia wide by invitation. Immerse yourself in a supported environment to

build your capacity for intimate connection.

Autumn Leaf


via Zoom or phone

Sometimes family or work commitments make it difficult

to get to a training so we can employ the beauty

of technology that makes it easy for us to

connect, and find a time and schedule that suits you.

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