Freedom from emotional patterns and growth in self acceptance

Focusing and Self-awareness

Introductory Level 1 Training

Location    Online course via Skype or Zoom

Dates    August 8 – September 5, 2018

                 (Contact here to request future dates)

Duration    5 online trainings, Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost    $290 per person, or $520 for two people

Size    Small group 4 – 8 people

Pre-requisites    A personal Focussing session*

Advanced Level 2 Training

Location    Online course via Skype or Zoom

Dates    November 13 – December 11, 2018

                 (Contact here to request future dates)

Duration    5 online trainings, Tuesday evenings, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost    $290 per person, or $520 for two people

Size    Small group 4 – 8 people

Pre-requisites    Completion of Level 1 Training

Why would you learn Focusing?

Focusing is a simple mind-body awareness method that helps you find greater ease, clarity and freedom from old emotional patterns. It is a process that you can learn and have with you every day. You can use it at any time, driving the car, working in the garden…doing anything that doesn’t require intense concentration.


Benefits of Focusing

  • Develops your inner self awareness, improving the way you move through life

  • Shows you how to deal with uncomfortable emotions

  • Helps you to overcome blockages that are preventing your life from moving forward

  • Supports you to deal with inner conflict

  • Quietens the voice of the critic in your head, who gives you a hard time

  • Helps overcome action blocks

  • Develops your capacity to give compassion to yourself and others


What is Focusing?

Focusing is direct access to a bodily knowing. It tells us how to trust our own truth and how to let it come fully into our lives. It is a process that opens one up to direct observation of the innate wisdom of the body by learning that we can be present to it and hear its messages.


I am a Certified Focusing Professional with the International Focusing Institute.


The process was founded by Dr Eugene ("Gene") T. Gendlin Ph.D. after he conducted exhaustive studies on the effectiveness of psychotherapy and he drew some conclusions based on his observations. He said, "those clients that were able to achieve significant progress from their course of psychotherapy were able to connect to their felt sense about what they were communicating", in their sessions with a therapist. It became clear to Gene that he could determine whether a course of therapy was going to be "successful" within the first half hour of starting the first session.


"It consists of six simple steps that identify and change the way thoughts and emotions are held within the body. It can be done virtually anywhere, at any time, and an entire "session" can take no longer than ten minutes, but its effects can be felt immediately - in the relief of bodily tension and psychological stress, as well as dynamic shifts in understanding and insight.

As you learn to develop your natural ability to work with this process, you'll find yourself more in sync with both mind and body filled with greater self-assurance and better equipped to make the positive changes necessary to improve and enhance every aspect of your life".(1)


(1) Extract from the back cover of Eugene T Genlin's book "Focusing" a classic self-help best seller with over a half a million copies in print.

Workshop Details

This is an on-line course - one night per week for five weeks, 7.00pm to 9.30pm via Skype or Zoom. The training is conducted over 5 sessions. You will receive a comprehensive workbook and other downloadable materials. Additionally, you will be organised a weekly practice partner to support your learning.

* Course Pre-requisite

Before you register for the next Focusing - Level 1 training, you'll need to book a personal Focusing session. Having a session will support you in making sure the Level 1 training is right for you. These sessions are offered at a discount cost of $70.

Phone now at (+61) 0412 988 844 or see details below to register for the online-training and book the pre-requisite of an individual session.

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Level One

The introductory level of Focusing Training is offered

online via Skype over a series of five evenings,

once per week for five weeks .

The next training is in August/September 2018

and registration is now open.

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In Person, via Phone, or Skype

Having a one-on-one Focusing Session will support

your clarity on whether the training is right for you. 

We can connect in person, via phone,

or Skype for a session time that suits you.

*This is a pre-requisite for Focusing Level 1 Training.

I just want to express my gratitude for your teaching Alistair. It met many of my needs:  growth, safety, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and community, to name a few! I especially learned a lot from your weekly explanations and demonstrations. I felt touched by your use of personal experience, and willingness and trust to be vulnerable with us. If you could trust us, then we could also trust you. That was very powerful for me. I did not know much about Focusing and I still celebrate how it fosters self-compassion and self-acceptance. 'Letting things be' as we experience them and fully embracing them is such a challenge in our ‘doing’ culture. I'm finding Focusing really helpful for my spiritual practice as well as for my overall well-being! Thanks for holding this safe place for us so we could connect at such a deep level.

Sylvie - Coach, Counsellor, Facilitator