What happens when we bring Presence?


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You've landed in a safe place.

I'd like Conscious Directions to be like a big exhale - a sense of coming home, and meeting

that part of you that wants inner peace.

Bringing a deeper level of conscious awareness to your body, your relationships and your communication skills will support and transform so many areas of your life.
I would like to share how you can find both the inner peace and the outer peace that you are looking for.

I invite you to check out below what might be of interest to you.

intimate couple walking


Am I experiencing conflict with those I love? Does my experience of relationships keep repeating?

Misty Sunbeams


Is my communication nourishing to experience? Where am I blocked from communicating in ways that create the connection that I want?

Dandelion flower


Do I know who I am? Am I living in coherence with what I know? Am I accessing the wisdom of the body to guide me? Can I more fully embody who I am?



Am I needing support to find a way forward in my life? Am I feeling blocked from creating the life I want?

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My husband and I have worked with Alistair to improve the way we deal with disagreements. We have benefited tremendously from our coaching sessions:- we understand better how each other feels and what are our individual needs- we have grown in empathy for each other and discovered what we were each trying to give to our relationship. This allowed us to grow in trust and acceptance of each other.- we have grown greatly in our ability to discuss with each other in times of disagreement without escalating into an argument. We are regularly witnessing how we can now deal in a beautiful, non violent and efficient way with any issue or important subject we may have to deal with. We feel we are together on this journey to strengthen our couple, working in sync as a team. In addition, we felt heard deeply without judgement by Alistair and his practical, down to earth approach is refreshing. Finally, we found it really good to face a coach that is very flexible as we were able to choose if we wanted to work together or separately when needed. This made us feel held in our work of growing as a strong couple.

A and M - Melbourne