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The LOVE and US


Discover Real Love Conversations

There is an energy of love that you share and want to protect. Can you and do you have the conversations your intimate relationship needs?

Without this, a relationship is prone to getting stuck in resentment and judgments, unresolved past pain, no-go topic zones, increasing emotional and physical distance and diminishing trust and tenderness.

Make sure you can walk in ‘real love conversation’ territory with confidence and embrace the big emotions and sensitivities that come up in an intimate relationship. Become skilled in engaging with the emotional sequences which truly resolve matters and bring you ever closer together.

Attend as a couple or individual in relation to your partner, family members or in preparation for a future relationship.

We are delighted to have Mukti Jarvis, co-facilitating with Alistair. This event is not suitable for everyone. Find out if it is a match for you today via an information call on 0412 988 844.


A Three Day Weekend Retreat

Location   Noonweena, Mangrove Mountain, outer Sydney, NSW

Dates    9th to 11th August 2019

Duration     Friday, Saturday and  Sunday

Cost    $2275 per couple / $1130 per individual

Limited Place   16 places maximum

Pre-requisite  completion of Relating to Connect NVC Foundation Training or equivalent 


You will Discover

  • numerous ways of truly 'meeting' each other so your particular style is effective

  • repairing connection and trust – why sorry doesn’t build trust and what does

  • engaging in sensitive topics fully so you can discuss everything and be truly intimate with each other

  • handling differences to deepen love so when conflicts come up, you have a shared approach which deepens your understanding of each other and delivers decisions you both support

  • gratitude and passion so that you fuel the love and enthusiasm you have for each other and being together


What you Receive

  • Community and Relaxation during 3 day weekend with others just like you!

  • Knowledge and skills via the live interactive exercises and coaching plus follow-up videos, summaries, reference material, video demonstrations, quick check quizzes and exercises (value $1800)

  • Practical Support through facilitators coaching in real time and re-useable conversation guides (value $600)

  • In-depth Mentoring via follow-on interactive online Group Coaching Calls with Alistair and Mukti * (value $2000)

  • Support and Inspiration through the Private FB Group with Alistair and Mukti and fellow course participants. (value $1600)

  • Year Long Access to the Real Love Conversations portable training portal

Is this for you?

  • If you’ve completed a Relating to Connect NVC Foundation training or an equivalent – then yes! This is going to build on what you’ve learned in Relating to Connect.

  • If you want material to guide you to repeatedly have those important, challenging and deeply rewarding conversations, which heal love, trust and connection – yes! This will be awesome for you 

  • It’s important to de-escalate your emotions before approaching healing conversations. Revisit your Relating to Connect manual or get help, if need be.

  • If your Negative/ Disconnection Cycle is strongly activated be sure to seek help here – Personal Session.

Time involved

  • 6 x approx. 40 minutes learning per module

  • Recommend 1 module every 1 – 2 weeks, or as needed

  • Applying what you learn, take it at your own pace.

  • 45 minutes per fortnight x 26 for your Group Mentoring Calls

  • 45 minutes per fortnight x 4 with a Practice Group

My wife and I were at a critical point, unable to communicate together to come to any resolution. I found Alistair & we connected, and within a few sessions there was a big shift in our relationship. We began to listen better, communicate better and understand each other. I am very grateful for Alistair's guidance, the processes and exercises he recommended worked a treat. As a couple we continue to embrace these exercises and processes to continue to deepen our connection & understanding. 

There is no doubt, Alistair was a pivotal part in our continued happiness as a couple. Thank you.

Sunil - Business Owner

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