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LOMI LOMI Spiritual Hawaiian Massage

“The heart of Lomilomi is love and respect for others. Lomilomi gives love and it is, therefore, one of the truest acts of human kindness…”

R.Chai - Na Mo’Mo’olelo Lomilomi.

Spiritual Hawaiian Lomilomi massage is a sacred form of bodywork done with long flowing strokes that are energising, deeply relaxing, calming, and deeply loving, where space is held for healing on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Taught by sacred teachers from the ancient traditions of Hawaiian families you’ll go away feeling more alive, grounded, relaxed, alert and in alignment and balance with yourself.


Choosing to receive a Lomilomi massage is to open to receive the divine gift of loving-kindness flowing into your body in a way that bypasses thought and can profoundly shape the way you see the world.


Find a time with Alistair to receive this gift to yourself by clicking this link.

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