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A percentage of our global population can be described as Highly Sensitive People (HSP).  We prefer to name them (and us) Richly Sensitive People (RSP's). The experience of being an RSP  can often be challenging and confronting in a world that does not function in a way that makes rich sensitivity welcome. This program is for anyone who might describe themselves as an RSP and who would like to connect with support and a process for cultivating their sensitivity as a Superpower.


We will be exploring the lived experience of sensitivity over the first four weeks and, in the following ten weeks, share a process called Focusing that supports and nourishes sensitivity in an embodied way.


LOCATION    Online course via Zoom

(Click here to book in an exploratory session – see details below)

DURATION    1 circle a week over 14 weeks. 

TIME  Friday morning 9.30 am Australian Eastern - Thursday afternoon 4.30 pm Western Canada. The exact days and times are to be confirmed.

DATES Expected start in February 2022. Confirmed dates available soon.

INVESTMENT    $AUD 1,495 per person.

SIZE    Small group 6-12 people


PRE-REQUISITE* At least one and preferably three personal Focusing sessions with one of the facilitators before the program starts - included in the investment if you go ahead. If you decide not to go ahead, these sessions will cost $AUD 50 each.​

Benefits of this Program

You will learn to:

  • Widen your perception of the influences upon your sensitivity

  • Develop a practice that works for you in your own space and time

  • Develop your inner self-awareness, improving the way you move through life

  • Deal with uncomfortable emotions when they arise

  • Overcome blockages that are preventing your life from moving forward

  • Support yourself to deal with inner conflict

  • Quieten the voice of the critic in your head

  • Overcome action blocks

  • Give compassion to yourself and others

  • Enjoy deep intimate connections


Workshop Details

The program is for one 2.5 hour session per week on the days and times specified above. The program is hosted over 14 weekly learning circles. You will receive a comprehensive workbook and other downloadable materials. After the first 4 weeks, you will be organised with a weekly practice partner to support your learning.


Course Pre-requisite

Register for a personal session to see if "The Song of the Sensitive – Our Embodied Homecoming" is the right fit for you. These sessions are offered at a discount cost of $50, but we will deduct this amount from the program investment if you register for the training. Click this link to check out availability for a personal Focusing Session and/or to book a day and time that works for you.

Your Guides

Will be Alistair McKinnon and Joey Rae.