I work with couples who know they love each other but it isn't working. Perhaps you notice that the relationship seems to function okay but you feel a sense of discontent or unhappiness


Perhaps there might be an unpleasant undercurrent of unspoken resentment that doesn't go away, or there seems to be a disconnecting pattern that keeps playing out, or there’s a conflict that never gets resolved. 


Some couples just want to spice up their relationship; it's gone stale, it's lost its juiciness and they long to return to more of a sense of loving connection.


The first couple session is 75 minutes, thereafter 60 minutes, and are primarily in held via Zoom.  For people local to the Byron Bay area, face to face may also be available (subject to Covid restrictions).


I work with individuals who are struggling in their relationship with themselves or others (an intimate partner, a parent, a child or a work colleague).


Are you looking for support to enable you to connect with someone close to you?

Perhaps you’re frustrated with endlessly trying to figure things out. You’re unsatisfied with your own or someone else’s communication skills and know you need to take some action but don't quite know the way forward. You may be concerned that you don't have the skills necessary. Perhaps you don't feel safe with your intimate partner or people you share your life or work with, and aren’t sure who to turn to, to have a completely confidential conversation. 

Or perhaps you are confronted with a difficult relationship conflict and need some assistance to find a way forward.

Personal coaching sessions will help you to

  • develop a clearer sense of what is actually going on between you and the other person (this is not always obvious, which is why it can be difficult to resolve)

  • uncover self-knowledge that will support you in all your relationships

  • learn beneficial life-skills 

  • view tricky relationship challenges from a new perspective.

Personal coaching sessions with individuals are 60 minutes and are held via Zoom.


Sessions are arranged on an "as needed" basis, or a block of sessions can be booked at a reduced price.

Alistair has been my coach during the NVC journey and what a difference it makes.  I tend to be very emotional, sensitive and over-think a lot, so Alistair's skill set was perfect for me.  He has a very calm, attentive and gentle way about him, gradually helping me bring the focus back to myself and back to my body, so that I can better self-regulate.  I have felt safe enough in our calls to show all of my shadow side in order to get to what is really needing to be heard.  His non-judgment and ability to be clear are indications to me of his commitment to his own work and awareness, and that’s important in a coach.  Highly recommended.

Robyn B - Investor