A simple process

Focusing is to enter into a special kind of awareness, different from our every day awareness. It is open, turned inward, centred on the present and on your body’s inner sensations. When doing Focusing, you silently ask, “How am I now?

It is an incredibly simple process that opens one up to direct observation of the innate wisdom of the body, bringing gifts such as:

  • develops your inner self awareness that, in turn, improves the way you move through life

  • shows you that you are not the victim of your emotional state

  • helps to overcome blockages that are preventing your life from moving forward

  • supports you to deal with inner conflict

  • quietens the voice of the critic in your head that gives you a hard time

  • helps overcome action blocks

  • develops your capacity to give compassion to yourself and others.

As you learn to develop your natural ability to work with this process, you'll find yourself more in sync with both mind and body, filled with greater self-assurance and better equipped to make the positive changes necessary to improve and enhance every aspect of your life.

Focusing was created by Dr Eugene ("Gene") T. Gendlin Ph.D., while working in the area of psychotherapy for over 40 years. He is internationally recognized as a major American philosopher and psychologist.

I offer both Personal Sessions and Training in Focusing. 


The Personal Sessions are ideal for resolving recurring issues, often due to an emotional response or trauma held in the body. Once connected with and understood, these resolutions can bring immediate, life-changing results.


 Focusing Training is ideal for gaining personal focussing skills for practice and application in your everyday life. From experience,  the more I practice Focusing, the greater the positive changes have naturally flowed into every aspect of my life.

If you are experiencing difficulty in relationship to yourself or another, give me a call on (+61) 0412 988 844 or schedule a session below. We can then decide together if the Focusing Training is the next step towards finding your way through to a more natural flow of life.

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in Byron Bay and Melbourne, phone or via Skype

I am available for private sessions at my home in

Byron Bay, or during my travels to Doncaster,

Melbourne each month. Or via phone or Skype.

In-person sessions are 60 minutes.

Phone and Skype sessions are 50 minutes.

Focusing on a Leaf


Via Skype

The introductory level of Focusing Training is offered

online via Skype over a series of five evenings,

once per week for five weeks .

Please contact me for details on the upcoming dates.

I think for me it was powerful and profound. I think it went incredibly well considering I hardly know Alistair and am quite a shy person. It was deep, surprising, very informative and ‘easy’. I appreciated his calmness, patience, the warm tone of his voice, the way he informed me at the beginning of what to expect and how we would proceed. I also appreciated his innate sense of when to speak and when not to, and his ability to course correct seamlessly when I gave him feedback.

Renee - Musician