At the intersection


of Rich Sensitivity,

Powerful Introversion

and Deep Embodiment...


lies a Path.

At the intersection


of Me and We, Us and Them

our Hurts and our Wholeness...


lies a Portal.



At the intersection


of All that Has Been

and All that is Longing to Be...


lives a Prayer.


Will You Meet Us There?



We Are the Sensitive Ones...


The ones who sense deeply

into the heart of all things.



We Are the Introspective Ones...


The ones who take life in deeply

and sing back to it... fully.



We Are the Quietly Courageous Ones...


The ones who meet fear with love

again and again and again...


and translate it into


loving.   aligned.  action.




"What if we truly Are the Ones...

                          we’ve been waiting for?"                        

(Hopi Indian Elder)



On Thursday, (Can)

and Friday, (Aus)



At the Congruence of…


Sunset in the Canada-lands

 and Sunrise in the Australia-lands



We Begin…



Our Fourteen Week Sojourn into:



The Song of the Sensitive

Our Embodied Homecoming

An Integrative Exploration of



If this Medicine is

Singing Your Name

Empowered Sensitivity &

Embodied Sense Literacy